ONE Technologies:

Revenues in the first quarter of 2018 increased by approximately 13%, to NIS 357 million; Net profit increased to NIS 16.2 million

Operating profit in the quarter increased by approximately 4%, to NIS 22.6 million

EBITDA in the quarter increased to approximately NIS 26.6 million

During the reporting period, the Company recorded growth in all of its operating segments

Shai Ozon, Company CEO: “We started 2018 with increased revenues, along with growth in all of our operating segments. The growth was due to the Company’s focus on new and growing fields of technology which the Company penetrated in recent years, including new development platforms, digital transformation, cloud-based software solutions, and more. We will continue this growth trend by increasing the Company’s presence in current markets and entering new markets, and by developing new segments and acquiring operations.”

ONE Technologies Ltd., ONE of the leading IT companies in Israel, concludes the first quarter of 2018.