The revenues in the third quarter of 2017 have grown by 14.1% to NIS 356.4 million; the operating income in the quarter has grown by 10% to NIS 23.2 million; the net income in the quarter amounted to NIS 15.7 million

The Company recorded growth in all of its operating segments during the reporting period.

Shai Ozon, the Company’s CEO: We are delighted to present growth in revenues and in operating income in the third quarter and in the first nine months of the year. The growth derives from the Company having focused on new spheres of technology, which it has penetrated in recent years. The Company’s strategy has proven itself and we can see the fruits of our investments. We have invested in fields where there is growth, such as cloud platforms, digital transformation and other fields. We will continue to grow by investing in new fields as well as by acquiring companies and activities in new fields of activity.

ONE Technology, which is ONE of the leading IT companies in Israel, sums up the third quarter of the year and the first nine months of 2017.